Inheritance Law


The law governing inheritance in Israel the Succession Law of 1965. Any legally competent person has the right to bequeath his estate after death in any way he sees fit subject to very few restrictions, most of them connected to public policy. It should be noted that a surviving spouse, children and other dependants may, in certain circumstances, be able to demand maintenance payments from the estate.
The Law applies to persons who, at the time of their death, had assets in Israel or whose domicile was Israel.
The deceased`s estate passes to his heirs in one of two ways: by law (intestate succession) or by will (testate succession). If there is a will then the estate is divided according to its provisions and in the absence of a will the estate is divided by law.
The rights of the heirs are declared by way of an inheritance order or by a probate order. If an executor is appointed, this will also be stated in the order.
An inheritance order declares who are the legal heirs as well as each heirs` share of the estate. A probate order declares that the will of is valid and specifies which, if any, of the provisions of the will are invalid.
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