Tort Law


The most basic definition of a tort is a non-contractual wrongdoing. Many torts in Israel are codified in the Tort Ordinance (New Version). There are also numerous other laws that deal with specific torts such as car accidents, defamation, product liability, unfair competition, etc. One very common tort is grounded in negligence. In order to win such a lawsuit the plaintiff would have to prove that the other party had a responsibility not to harm the plaintiff, failed to act as a reasonable person and because of that failure damage was caused to the plaintiff. There are other torts, which are known as strict liability torts, in which it is enough to prove that the defendant caused damage and there is no need to prove negligence or a duty to the damaged party.
In tort law, injury is not necessarily a physical injury but could include any invasion of a recognized right. For example, a land owner can sue to prevent nuisance or trespass
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