Labor Law


Israeli employment law is drawn from numerous legal sources, the important of which are legislation and collective agreements. As a rule, most the laws are for the employees benefit and employee rights under such laws generally cannot be waived. If a contradiction exists between the different sources, then the general approach is to prefer the source which is to the employee`s benefit.

Collective agreements are agreements between representatives of a private employer, or a number of employers in a field and the General Federation of Labor (The Histadrut). Israeli law empowers the Minister of Labor to broaden the coverage of collective agreements by means of extension orders (Tzavei Harchava). Such orders extend some or all of the conditions of the collective agreements to employers and employees who are not parties to the collective agreements. Similar to rights under laws, employee rights under collective agreements and/or extension orders cannot be waived.
To see labor laws translated into English click here. Please note that the translations are not official translations and the laws are not always up to date.
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