Inheritance Lawspace International Aspects of Inheritance


The Registrar of Inheritance Affairs and the Family Courts have jurisdiction to deal with the estate of every person who, at the time of his death, had assets in Israel or whose domicile was in Israel. A "domicile" is defined as the center of a person`s life. Subject to certain exceptions the law of a person`s domicile is the applicable inheritance law.
Israel does not recognize foreign courts` orders and a petition for an inheritance or probate order must be filed in Israel. In certain cases it may be possible to give the foreign order validity in an indirect manner.
In a request based upon the existence of assets in Israel, evidence of such assets must be provided with the petition for an inheritance or probate order. In addition, an expert opinion relating to the law of the deceased`s domicile must be submitted. Oftentimes the inheritance or probate order will be restricted to assets found in Israel.


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