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The Family Court has jurisdiction in matters of child support and maintenance unless both sides agree to Rabbinical Court jurisdiction. The Family Court will apply Jewish Law to Jewish couples. A Jewish father has an absolute obligation to pay child support for his children`s basic needs (food, clothing, housing) regardless if he has the financial ability to pay. In general a court will obligate a father to pay no less than 1,200 shekels a month per child not including housing. In addition the father usually is obligated to pay half of various expenses such as medical expenses, educational expenses, clubs, camps etc. Child support which is paid for each additional child generally goes down. For one child housing is generally calculated as 30% of the mortgage or rent, for 2 children it is 40% and for 3 or more children it is 50%. Beyond the child`s basic needs both parents are obligated to support their children. The extent of this obligation varies based on a number of factors including the child`s needs and the parent`s income and/or assets. If the father does not pay child support in spite of a judgment against him then the National Insurance Institute (bituach leumi) will pay, under certain conditions detailed here, child support up to a certain amountdetailed here in place of a delinquent father and then collect in turn from the delinquent father. Children receive child support until they the age of 18 or the end of 12th grade, and during compulsory military service the support is reduced to 1/3.
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